Jul 09, 2021Episcopal Church Women are accepting scholarship applications through Friday, August 7, 2021

Episcopal Church Women are accepting scholarship applications through Friday, August 7, 2021

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The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) have scholarship opportunities available to women who are at least twenty-three years of age, a member of a parish or mission in The Diocese of West Missouri and who are studying for the diaconate or priesthood. Applicants need not be active participants of ECW. Those who applied last year and meet the criteria are welcome to apply again. The application deadline is Friday, August 7, 2021.

For more information: Please contact Chairwoman Shirley Bolden at sbolden2@comcast.net or on (816) 560-1656

Please note those enrolling in EFM courses are not eligible to apply for the Continuing Education Scholarship.

Applicant Checklist:

  • Complete the scholarship application
  • Compose a typed biographical sketch, including your educational and career goals
  • Provide a current photograph of yourself
  • Mail-in the completed application, sketch and photograph (Address provided in the application form).

Episcopal Church Women

We are Episcopal Church Women of all ages, ethnic origins, and socioeconomic backgrounds who hold a variety of views. However, the common denominator of our members is the love of God and the wish to do His work.

Mission. Centered in congregations, the Episcopal Church Women empowers women to do Christ’s ministry in the world.

Vision. Our vision for all women of the Episcopal Church is that we become a vibrant blend of all ages, coming together as a peace-making, healing part of the Church.

We aspire to be a God spark-shining and sharing the love of Christ.

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