Jul 15, 2021Heartland Cursillo Ministry needs your help

Heartland Cursillo Ministry needs your help

Roberta Coons One-minute read.   Resources

Cursillo, like many other ministries this past year, was no stranger to the impact of the COVID. Now that we are coming back into the light after COVID, it’s time to begin the next chapter for the Heartland Episcopal Cursillo ministry. To do that, we need you!

We have numerous positions coming open on our Secretariat — the body responsible for supporting Cursillo in the dioceses of West Missouri and Kansas. We need individuals ready to jump in with new ideas and help us write the next chapter.

If Cursillo has been a meaningful step in your journey with Christ, please prayerfully consider how you can help continue our Cursillo ministry for yourself and others.

If you are interested in being part of the Secretariat, please email Michael Wiggins at mwigginsopks@gmail.com.

Roberta Coons is the Heartland Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Servant Community Convener and member of The Church of Redeemer in Kansas City. 

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