Sep 01, 2022Episcopal Relief & Development supports the Episcopal Dioceses of Lexington and Southwestern Virginia after Flooding in the South

Episcopal Relief & Development supports the Episcopal Dioceses of Lexington and Southwestern Virginia after Flooding in the South

The Very Rev. Carol Wade, Dean & Rector at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Kentucky, and the Rev. Bryant Kibler, Archdeacon for the Mountain Region and Director of Mountain Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, helping to load a truck of supplies for Eastern Kentucky flood relief at the Cathedral. Image: Amy Bridges

Episcopal Relief & Development is partnering with the Episcopal dioceses of Lexington and Southwestern Virginia as they respond to those affected by flooding in eastern Kentucky and Virginia. 

During a four-day period at the end of July, several storms dropped 14-16 inches of rain on the region, an amount that is historically unprecedented according to the National Weather Service. More than 500 people have been left without homes and thousands more have lost electricity and connection to water. 

The Diocese of Lexington has mobilized to provide supplies such as water, food, bedding, hygiene products, cleaning supplies and gas to people who have been impacted. In partnership with Episcopal Relief & Development, they will also provide direct assistance to members of the community in need. 

Some displaced by the floods traveled to Virginia, where the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia is expanding existing ministries to help with the influx of people in need. On the first day of flooding, All Saints Parish in Norton, Virginia opened their doors to serve dinner to those affected. With the support of Episcopal Relief & Development, they will assist local organizations as well as provide direct assistance and supplies to displaced people. 

“Rebuilding after these storms will take time,” said Lura Steele, Program Officer, US Disaster Program, Episcopal Relief & Development. “Our partners, who have been supporting their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, are committed to supporting vulnerable populations and working together with other organizations to help the most people.”

Please pray for the people impacted by the flooding. Learn more about the US Disaster Program here

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