Oct 04, 2023Heartland Cursillo Represented at Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Annual Conference

Heartland Cursillo Represented at Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Annual Conference

Conference attendees from across the country.

On September 21 – 23, the Episcopal Cursillo Ministry held their Annual Conference ‘Come to the Holy Hill’ at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia.

Heartland Cursillo was represented by Roberta Coons, a member for the ECM Board serving as the South-Central Representative, and Diane Boyum, an active cursillistas since 2015. The Seminary got to celebrate its 200th Anniversary.

Roberta Coons and Diane Boyum
Diane Boyum and Roberta Coons

The conference was packed full of beautiful worship, music, educational talks and workshops all focusing on the importance of Cursillo Ministry in the Episcopal Church. Members got to attend workshops on 4th Day in Action, Sponsorship in Action, 60 Cursillo Ideas, and A 30-Day Cursillo Devotional in Action. The keynote speaker, Patricia Lyons, showed members her research on the importance of Micro Ministries, like Cursillo, that continue to keep the Episcopal Church alive and healthy.

If you’d like to receive copies of the handout from the workshops, you can contact Roberta Coons. Virginia Theological Seminary also developed the Walking Along; An In-Depth Daily Devotional’, which will be available on Amazon to purchase soon.

Stay tune for coming events within Heartland Cursillo! We look forward to seeing what else is in store.

Photos and article submitted by Roberta Coons on behalf of Heartland Cursillo. Roberta Coons is the Heartland Episcopal Cursillo Ministry Servant Community Convener and member of The Church of Redeemer in Kansas City. 

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