Church Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials Session 10 – Advanced Care Planning

Come learn about the why and how of advanced care planning. This session is an opportunity to learn about resources available to guide us and those we minister with in reflecting on and answering questions about the transition to life eternal. We’ll explore ways to have these conversations from a theological/spiritual perspective.

Leadership Essentials Session 9 – Christian Formation

Join Kim Snodgrass, Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation, to explore Formation from a fresh perspective, take the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences. This will be a good resource for churches that are wondering how to approach and promote formation from a new direction this fall! 

Leadership Essentials Session 8 – Constitution & Canons

The Constitution & Canons comprise the governing rules of the diocese. What are these rules? And how do they affect the governance of your church?

Join the Diocesan Chancellors, Mark Galus and David Powell, for an overview of the Constitution & Canons and a discussion about their practical, legal, and financial implications on your home parish or mission.

Leadership Essentials Session 7 – Diversity & Reconciliation

Join the Diversity & Reconciliation Commission chair, Shirly Bolden in a discussion around the workshops, book studies and what the Diversity & Reconciliation Commission can offer to each individual church in assisting them to focus on the sin of racism.

Leadership Essentials Session 5 – Stewardship

When: May 26, 2022, 7 p.m.
Where: Online.
For: Stewardship committee chairs and members, clergy, and anyone interested in stewardship.

Are you the new stewardship chair or clergy interested in expanding your church’s conversation and activities around Stewardship? Or, are you just curious about what we call “Stewardship” in general?

Leadership Essentials Session 4 – Clergy Transitions for Churches

When: May 19, 2022, 7 p.m.
Where: Online.
For: churches that are starting, or will soon be starting searches for clergy
Join Fr. Chas Marks, the diocesan Transition Missioner, for a review of our diocesan clergy transition process, and an opportunity for you to ask questions. This will be a good beginning resource for churches that are starting, or will soon to be starting searches for clergy.

Leadership Essentials Session 3 – Human Resources

Where: Online
When: May 5, 7 p.m.
For: Church Administrators, Clergy, Senior Wardens, Bishop Wardens
Legislation, taxes, insurance, and pensions, are a few of the HR balls you may have to juggle. There is no doubting that the scope of things you need to be aware of to manage human resources is many and varied. Elaine Gilligan the diocesan Human Resource Administrator and Finance Assistant is here to help you.

Leadership Essentials Session 2 – Administration

50-minute video. Join Emily Davenport (Bishop’s Executive Assistant) and Gary Allman (Communications Director), for the second installment of Leadership Essentials, where we focused on Church Administration with a little bit of communications thrown in.

Leadership Essentials Session 1 – Church Finance

45-minute video. Diocesan Treasurer, Tom Kokjer and Finance Administrator, Ron Weil lead an informal discussion on church finances, share what they have learned over the years, and chat about how they can help. They review covenanted portions, the Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs, discretionary funds, audits, and more.

Church Leadership Essentials resources available online

One-minute read, two-hour video. Over One-hundred church leaders from across the diocese gathered for Church Leadership Essentials, an online event replacing our traditional in-person Bishop’s Days training for church leadership. Here is a link to the material presented, and you can also watch a recording of Saturday’s session if you wish.

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