Aug 23, 2022Leadership Essentials Session 10 – Advanced Care Planning

Leadership Essentials Session 10 – Advanced Care Planning

When: August 25, 2022, 7 p.m.
Where: Online.
For: Clergy and postulants

Come learn about the why and how of advanced care planning. 

Life and death are sacred, and we hope that we all have the opportunity to express how we want to live this life and live into the transition to life eternal. 

  • What do you value? 
  • What brings you meaning and purpose? 
  • What does “quality of life” mean and look like for you? 

These are questions that help us shape the life we live. 

This session is an opportunity to learn about resources available to guide us and those we minister with in reflecting on and answering these questions. We’ll explore ways to have these conversations from a theological/spiritual perspective. 

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