News Update 04-09-2020

News Update April 9, 2020

The CARES act and charitable giving, Bishop Marty’s weekly reflection and Palm Sunday sermon, things to do at home, the diocesan-wide Easter Vigil and much more.

Things To Do at Home

One-Minute read.
Check out this list of some of the things that you and your family can be doing at home while you are ‘Self Isolating.’

The perfect time for Wellness Circles

Two-minute read. Change and growth are ongoing, not just in times when we’re facing a crisis. Living Compass has a process to help us help each other now – and from now on.

The Cares Act and Charitable Giving

One-minute read. The Episcopal Churches of West Missouri rely on generous donors to support their missions and ministries. Stewardship can be deeply spiritual, rooted in a desire to reorient our lives towards God, but it also has a practical side. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020, includes several provisions that may affect charitable giving this year.

Episcopal Relief & Development Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Four-minute read. In mid-March, ERD’s program staff reached out to all their partners to learn how the coronavirus was impacting their communities specifically and to support them as ERD navigates the pandemic together. ERD received over 100 responses from 44 countries around the world.

Online donation collection help for churches

One-minute read. If you do not have a donate button, an option to collect donations, or a way to set up recurring payments, we can help you add a button to your church website, and provide a payment link you can send out via email.

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