Hybrid Church – A Way Forward for Church Leaders

Three-minute read. In Hybrid Church – A Way Forward for Church Leaders, the Rev. Tim Schenck explores the changes that the church has adopted during the pandemic and the effects of these changes. These technological innovations are viewed by some as temporary stopgaps (to be given up when all of this is over), by others as welcome improvements that should be kept.

St. Augustine’s unusual round design dates back to the 4th Century

Four-minute read. If you have driven along Benton Boulevard, between E. 27th and E. 28th Street in Kansas City you will, no doubt, have noticed a large round brick building. This unique structure is St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church. Despite its unusual and modern appearance, St. Augustine’s design is inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which dates back to the 4th Century.

Ya están disponibles los datos del Informe Parroquial de la Iglesia Episcopal 2020

Two-minute read. Los episcopales pueden ahora acceder al análisis de los datos del Informe Parroquial 2020, el cual incluye las tendencias de asistencia y finanzas de varios años para las iglesias y diócesis individuales, así como conocer el impacto del COVID-19 en las congregaciones a partir de un informe narrativo especial de datos cualitativos.

Episcopal Church 2020 Parochial Report data now available

Two-minute read. Episcopalians can now access analysis of the 2020 Parochial Report data, including multi-year attendance and finance trends for individual churches and dioceses, as well as learn how COVID-19 impacted congregations from a special narrative report of qualitative data.

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