Mar 30, 2017Bishop Kemper School for Ministry and Nazarene Theological Seminary Enter into Articulation Agreement

Bishop Kemper School for Ministry and Nazarene Theological Seminary Enter into Articulation Agreement

Bishop Kemper School for Ministry has formally entered an Agreement of Cooperation with Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri.

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Effective July 1, 2017, Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) will award up to 30 hours of academic course credit to BKSM students and alumni.

This agreement is the first of its kind for BKSM and recognizes the high quality and academic rigor of BKSM courses. It enables its alumni to more easily pursue a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or other graduate degree program.

The agreement is not limited to those pursuing an M.Div. degree. Any BKSM graduate or student who has taken courses for credit may submit their BKSM transcript for review to determine the exact amount of transfer credit at NTS.

The Very Rev. Dr. Don Compier, BKSM dean, praised this new relationship, saying “NTS offered us a most generous articulation agreement that recognizes the academic excellence of BKSM and provides for acceptance of all of our courses for academic credit at NTS. This partner seminary is a pioneer in pursuing the same affordability and accessibility to quality theological education that BKSM embraces.”

Dr. Josh Sweeden, NTS’s associate professor of church and society and academic dean designate, said, “NTS is delighted to enter an articulation agreement with BKSM and is confident the collaboration will benefit students and mutually strengthen our learning communities. Part of NTS’ mission is to be a resource to the church, and in a time when the church is more commonly defined by difference and division, we are excited for the way this relationship highlights cooperation and our shared commitments to theological and ministerial education.”

Compier agreed, saying “This agreement is a splendid example of true ecumenical spirit and genuine Christian hospitality.”

Compier has long been acquainted with NTS. He attended Nazarene Theological Seminary in the 1980s and has maintained good relationships with faculty and administrators there ever since.

This articulation agreement is not the first relationship between the two schools. NTS generously provides BKSM students and graduates access to their excellent library and the many online resources available to them. Additionally, BKSM counts one member of NTS’s faculty, Dr. Andy Johnson, among its instructors.

The Rev. Casey Rohleder is a Communication & Outreach Specialist with Bishop Kemper School for Ministry


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