Oct 17, 20192020 Annual Health Plan Enrollment

2020 Annual Health Plan Enrollment

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Annual Enrollment for active employees in The Diocese of West Missouri is October 28th-November 15th. A green envelope with enrollment instructions was scheduled to be mailed to active participant homes on October 9th.

If your organization has eligible employees not currently participating who desire to enroll for 2020, please contact Elaine Gilligan at hr-finasst@diowestmo.org.

The Diocesan Council has approved for 2020 the same Health Plans (Medical and Dental) we had in 2019. Each organization is asked to provide the CDHP20 Single premium ($811) toward eligible employees (1500 hours or more per year) medical coverage selection. If the employee participates in a CDHP plan, the organization is asked to contribute an annual minimum of $1,000 into the employee Health Savings Account. Dental coverage is normally employee paid.

You are welcome to view the Plans and Premiums prior to open enrollment found on the Diocesan website in the Human Resources section.

The individual deductible on the CDHP20 has changed from $2,700 to $2,800. (IRS requirement).

Even if you are not planning to make any changes to your current enrollment, please visit the site during the annual enrollment period to confirm personal information and coverage.

Anthem enrollees will receive new insurance cards for 2020. CDHP enrollees will not.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please reach out to Elaine Gilligan at hr-finasst@diowestmo.org or 816-471-6161 ext 105.

Elaine Gilligan is Human Resources – Finance Assistant with The Diocese of West Missouri.

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