Jun 14, 2021Evangelism Matters Conference sessions are now available for anyone to view

Evangelism Matters Conference sessions are now available for anyone to view

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Thank you to everyone who was part of the wonderful experiment called Evangelism Matters 2021: The Discipline of Hope, an Episcopal Evangelism Audioconference. We hope that those who participated felt inspired, encouraged, and challenged, and are now ready to proclaim the Good News of Christ through word and example!
Even though the conference is officially over, the learning and gathering doesn’t have to end. 
Here are three things you can do to stay engaged with this work:

Missed Evangelism Matters the first time?

It is now available for all! All episodes and Coffee Hour recordings are now available for anyone to listen to and watch, so watch, share, and repeat!

Read the transcripts for each Evangelism Matters episode.
Did you hear something on one of the episodes that you wish you could have written down? Want to dive in and consider some of the ideas you have heard? Each of the English episode transcripts are available for download. We hope these will help you continue to engage with this rich material. 

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