Jun 28, 2021Reach Out Challenge

Reach Out Challenge

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Serving in the military can be stressful and lonely, so most service members love getting mail from loved ones and strangers alike. Soldiers overseas are away from their families for extended periods of time and sadly, some service members don’t receive any mail from home. Fortunately, we can step up and send notes of encouragement.

Set up a card-making/letter-writing station in your home. Whenever you are looking for something to do, the supplies will be ready to go.

Reach out to a soldier you know or send your letter through a non-profit organization that supports our troops, like Operation Gratitude. They will ensure your letter reaches a random service member.

It’s important to maintain a positive, uplifting tone, share a little about yourself, thank them for their sacrifice, and consider adding some artwork! If you include your address, the soldier who receives your letter will have the choice to write back.

Things to consider beforehand –

  • What would it feel like to be away from your family and friends for months at a time?
  • How would it feel to receive a happy letter from a nice and caring stranger? What would you do to stay positive and connected if you lived far away from your family? What are other ways you can show support to those who are serving our country?

Include your address if you’d like to receive a response then send notes to – Operation Gratitude, ATTN: Letter Writing Program, 9409 Owensmouth Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311

A Reach Out Challenge is included in the Everything Holy monthly packets to encourage households to reach out to their community, our nation, and globally.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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