Jun 10, 2021Fall Diversity Workshop: Undoing Racism

Fall Diversity Workshop: Undoing Racism

When: Two Saturday Workshops: September 18 & October 2, 2021 | 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Where: Online
Who: Diocese-wide

The purpose of this workshop is to assist the diocese in organizing to eliminate the sin of racism. There are three essential steps to be followed when a diocese makes this commitment to focus on the sin of racism, its elimination from the church, the community, and the world in which we live. First, there needs to be an organized and functioning anti-racism committee; secondly, the support of the diocesan bishop; and thirdly, a comprehensive plan for proceeding with this ministry.

This training fulfills the intent of several General Convention resolutions, which call for leaders at all levels of The Episcopal Church to receive training on the Church’s teaching about racial diversity as well as other forms of diversity present within the human family.

Registration is now closed.

To ensure maximum engagement, registration is limited to a total of 25 people. If you are interested in attending after the registration limit has been reached, please email Shirley Bolden at sbolden2@comcast.net to be added to the waitlist.

Participants must attend both workshop days to receive a certificate of completion. Certificates will be emailed to the participant and their church.

Agenda & Session Titles

September 18, 2021: First day of workshop

  • Session I – History and Introduction
  • Session II – Core Concepts and Definitions
  • Session III – White Privilege

October 2, 2021: Second day of workshop

  • Session IV – Power
  • Session V – Systemic and Institutional Racisms
  • Session VI – What’s next

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