Apr 27, 2022The Cross – April 2022

The Cross – April 2022

The April edition of our monthly magazine “The Cross” is available, online and the printed version will be arriving soon in the mailboxes of Brothers who are up-to-date on their membership pledges.

Prayer is foundational in our faith journeys, and certainly, you’ll feel that in this edition, as we feature prayer and the good works being done by chapters across the USA.

On page 4, our President Emeritus Jeff Butcher promotes the events surrounding the National Day of Prayer on May 5, and our cooperative Prayer Project with the Daughters of The King on April 30.

Pages 5- 7 include stories from chapters, ranging from Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinners in North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia, to feeding the hungry in Illinois.

Page 7 lists the multiple activities going on at a chapter in GA and a celebration memorial in Jamestown, VA for the 100th year anniversary at the site Reverend Robert Hunt celebrated the very first English communion in “The New World.”

Another story-packed edition of The Cross to read and share!

Please help the Brotherhood extend its ministry to men and youth by sharing its online magazine. The Cross – April 2022

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