May 01, 2023Transitions – April 2023

Transitions – April 2023

The Rev. Chas Marks One-minute read.   Resources

Details of the churches in transition and the clergy transitions through to the end of April 2023.

Churches in Transition

  • St. Peter’s, Harrisonville.
  • Resurrection, Blue Springs is accepting candidates for their next rector.

Clergy Transitions

  • The Rev. Mary Margaret Saxon transferred her Letters Dimissory from the Diocese of Colorado on April 17
  • The Rev. Russ Murphy completed his time as Priest in Charge of St. Peter’s Church, Harrisonville on April 30

The Rev. Chas Marks serves The Diocese of West Missouri as Transitions Missioner and St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City as its Rector.


  • 05-02-2023 We have been informed that St. Paul’s Kansas City is no longer receiving names for a curate. That listing has been removed from the Churches in Transition section.

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