Central Deanery

New Central Deanery dean and officers

Three-minute read. On Saturday, March 19, the Central Deanery Council elected a new dean and officers. Welcome Fr. Isaac Petty (Dean), Terry Cobb (Vice Chair), and Cassie E. Brown (Secretary).

Clergy Update

One-minute read. A brief update on recent clergy changes.

Bishop Bruce’s first Sunday visitation

Two-minute read. Four days after starting her Episcopate with the diocese on December 1, Bishop Bruce was at her first Sunday pastoral visit at Christ Church, Lexington, Missouri.

132nd Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri,November 5-6, 2021

We are busy planning this year’s Annual Convention, and we would like to know how people would prefer to attend. We emailed all clergy and delegates with a link to a short survey. Unfortunately, a large number of churches are still to provide their slates of delegates, so we ask that you share this post with any delegates that we may not have been able to reach via email. Thank you.

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