Jun 07, 2023Clergy, Bishop’s Warden, and Lay Leader Spiritual Formation Survey

Clergy, Bishop’s Warden, and Lay Leader Spiritual Formation Survey

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Did you know West Missouri has a Spiritual Formation Commission? If you don’t, we want you to!

Every month a small group of individuals, both lay and ordained, gather to advocate for Christian Formation, explore the needs of congregations and determine helpful responses, discover new resources and recommend ‘best practices’, assist churches in the process of incorporating pathways to formation through worship, education, service, fellowship, and evangelism, and offer training or educational events.

Our key focus areas in 2023 are Continuing Education, Confirmation, Ministry to Children, and Small Group Facilitation & Training. But the commission needs to learn more so we can offer more.

We’re asking clergy, Bishop Wardens, and all lay leaders to complete a short Spiritual Formation Survey to help us determine how, when, and where to make opportunities to engage with resources and training available.

Please pass this survey on to those in leadership positions, such as vestry members, formation leaders, etc. 

Click on the button above, or use this survey link: https://wemoyouth.formstack.com/forms/spiritual_formation_commission_survey

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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