News Update 06-03-2021

New Spirit Update, June 3, 2021

In this issue: Fr. Isaac Petty’s ordination, the Fall and Rise of St. Margaret’s, Bishop Marty on Memorial Day, and a whole lot more!

132nd Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri,November 5-6, 2021

We are busy planning this year’s Annual Convention, and we would like to know how people would prefer to attend. We emailed all clergy and delegates with a link to a short survey. Unfortunately, a large number of churches are still to provide their slates of delegates, so we ask that you share this post with any delegates that we may not have been able to reach via email. Thank you.

The Fall and Rise of St. Margaret’s

Four-minute read. I saw it coming in 2014, the closing of my Home church. And here it was being dismantled in 2019. But was all what it seemed?

A Reflection on the History and Impact of Bishop Kemper School for Ministry

Two-minute read. In dioceses like Kansas, Western Kansas, West Missouri, Nebraska, and others, many of our people worship in small struggling congregations. The Bishop Kemper School for Ministry (BKSM) was founded to assist by raising up women and men to be called to proclaim the Good News in small places.

Memorial Day

Two-minute read. Memorial Day was originally set aside for — and I believe should be reserved for — those who gave their all. Join me this Memorial Day to honor those who richly deserve our tribute, to take time to do so even before the bar-b-que begins, and to remember that freedom isn’t free, that the cost has been paid and is being paid still.

Children and Family Ministry Gathering

One-Minute read. Join a growing number of churches within our diocese that offer active ministries for children and families to get acquainted!

Worship Leader training workshop opportunity

One-minute read. Bexley-Seabury seminary has developed a course for Worship Leaders. The course is entirely online with videos and reading materials and 8 live sessions using Zoom. If this is something of interest, we commend it to you.

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