Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: Easter 2023 Message

Three-minute read. “We are here in a world struggling to find its soul, but the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not, cannot, and will not overcome it,” Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said in his video message.

Black History Month. Michael B. Curry

Five-minute video. Watch the fourth and final video in the 2023 series recognizing key African American figures in the Episcopal Church and beyond. Michael Curry is the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, the first African American to hold the position. As Presiding Bishop, Curry has been a prominent voice on social justice issues, and has advocated for marriage equality and immigration reform.

Obispo primado Curry: Mensaje de Pascua 2022

12-minute Video. La Pascua es la celebración de la victoria de Dios, … La tierra, como un huevo, se ha resquebrajado, y Jesús ha resucitado vivo y renovado, y el amor resulta victorioso». Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Presiding Bishop Curry: Easter 2022 Message

12-Minute video. Easter is the celebration of the victory of God,” Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry said in his Easter 2022 message. “The earth, like an egg, has been cracked open, and Jesus has been raised alive and new, and love is victorious.”

Palabra pastoral del Obispo Presidente Michael Curry en el 20º aniversario del 11 de septiembre

One-minute read. Si bien han transcurrido 20 años, quisiera hacer una pausa y recordar los días que siguieron a estos trágicos acontecimientos. Fueron tiempos de mucha unión. Rezamos, lloramos y también trabajamos juntos. Porque en esos momentos, por muy fugaces que fuesen, supimos con inmediatez y vulnerabilidad que necesitamos a Dios y que nos necesitamos unos a otros.

Pastoral word from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on 20th anniversary of September 11

One-minute read. While 20 years have passed, I also want us to pause and remember the days that followed these tragic events. There was a moment in the aftermath when people came together. We were praying, grieving, and also working together. Because in that moment, however fleeting it was, we knew with immediacy and vulnerability that we need God, and we need each other.

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