Oct 01, 2017Awakening the Spirit – Kansas City

Awakening the Spirit – Kansas City

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Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. Image credit: Gary Zumwalt

On Saturday, May 6, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry joined the Diocese of West Missouri in the first half of the Awakening the Spirit in West Missouri held at Kansas City Live! This Awakening is the second of five planned evangelism events to be held during 2017.

Before arriving at Kansas City Live, the Presiding Bishop spent time with the youth of the diocese, the Diocese of Kansas, and the Diocese of Iowa at St Paul’s Episcopal Church Kansas City.

Between 800 and 1000 people attended the event, along with passing foot traffic for the nearby Garth Brooks concert.

Photographs by:

Gary Allman
Mary Ann Teschan
Gary Zumwalt


(The event starts at around 7:09)

Gary Allman is Communications Director with The Diocese of West Missouri.


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