Dec 01, 2018Christian Formation

Christian Formation

New Christian Formation resources have been developed and are now available.

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Christian Formation Booth at Diocesan Convention Image: Gary Allman

We want you to get excited about formation! The Christian Formation Office is here to provide the support you need for Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults and Generations in community together. 

Click on Christian Formation at to find a collection of recommended resources and tools. Our intent is to simplify your research and organize the wealth of information available online today into a single source for individuals, families and congregations.

Kim Snodgrass (second from left) with delegates from Grace Carthage at the 2018 Diocesan Convention. Image: Gary Allman

The Ministry Handbook and Confirmation Guide introduced during convention are included!

In addition to managing the resources of this website, the Christian Formation Office is here to walk with you. Let us help you discover the unique tools you are looking for that will help you incorporate a philosophy of formational ministry and serve Christ. Please contact us at  and let us know how we can further support you.  

If you have resource reviews, suggestions or can offer up a “best practice” to help others, please send them to Kim Snodgrass.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation..

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