Apr 16, 2021Meet The Rev. Deacon Michael Johns

Meet The Rev. Deacon Michael Johns

The Rev. Deacon Michael Johns. Photographs: Donna Field four-minute read.   Resources
On Saturday, March 27, 2021, Michael Richard Johns was ordained into the Sacred Order of Deacons at Grace Episcopal Church, Chillicothe. Image credit: Gary Allman

Michael was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Marty, at Grace Episcopal Church, Chillicothe on the afternoon of March 27. You can see a video of the service here. Here’s what Michael has to say about himself.

The Rev. Deacon Michael Johns

I was raised as a foster child in rural Minnesota. My foster parents were dairy farmers-Guernseys and Holsteins. The work involved long hours while growing up, and the household was conservative Roman Catholic.

My college years were spent at the University of Minnesota-Duluth (undergraduate) and a graduate degree from Minnesota State University at Mankato. My early career path was in urban and regional planning- that was back when we all wanted to change the world! I also admit that during my college years I may have watched more college hockey games than the average student…

My decision to become an Episcopalian came in 1992 and I was confirmed by the late Bishop John C. Buchanan at St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church in Trenton. I have always been interested in serving the church, either as a lay volunteer or in my present role as a deacon. I am especially interested in working with rural congregations and in rural church ministry. Another area of interest is in serving the Episcopal Church to help it increase its role in solving the homelessness crisis and in improving neighborhoods and communities. Presently, I volunteer at the homeless shelter in Chillicothe, Missouri.

I’d like to thank the faculty and my fellow students at Bishop Kemper School for Ministry for a very rich and enlightening experience while training for the diaconate.

Full resolution pictures are available for download and printing from this diocesan Flickr photo album.

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