May 20, 2021At the Table: Gathering Community

At the Table: Gathering Community

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Imagine how good it feels to be at a table that is warm and welcoming. That is the kind of table At the Table hopes to create in your home or church sometime this summer.

The heart of At the Table is conversation. The uncomplicated series of five sessions require little in terms of time, skill and resources. It embraces the opportunity to engage all ages in focused conversation, creating a way for everyone to learn, share, and grow.

At the Table has been tailored to be theologically in tune with the Episcopal Church and easily adaptable for use at home or in congregations. Use it five days in a row, over the course of a month, or as a day retreat. At the Table, sessions can include meals or not and is flexible within a 60-90 minute time frame.

The Diocese of West Missouri supports spiritual growth throughout our lives, from the youngest child to the oldest adult. This is why this community-building resource is being offered at no cost. If needed, Individual households who register will also be mailed the minimal supplies needed for each session. All program resources will be available on or before July 1.

Initially, At the Table requires an organizer(s) to read through the program and make basic decisions regarding who, what, when, where, and how At the Table will happen. Congregations and Households will also have access to personal support by contacting Kim Snodgrass.

Sign up now, through October 1, to receive At the Table as a household or on behalf of your congregation or small group to encourage community and fellowship through conversation, story-telling, sacred space, and activities.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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