May 19, 2021WEMO Family Camp 2021: Out of the Pandemic & into the Woods

WEMO Family Camp 2021: Out of the Pandemic & into the Woods

Camp Dates and locations

  • Postponed until the Fall

The youth ministry and Christian formation teams have collaborated to put together a summer camping series for the entire household in place of a week-long camp. The camping series will take place at various campgrounds throughout our diocese. Food will be provided, and if needed, we can also provide essential camping equipment.

Beginning Friday evening and running through Sunday morning, optional activities and relaxation will be waiting for you. Resources previously set aside for Camp WEMO have been reallocated to make this available at no cost. Join us Friday night or Saturday morning.

Come one weekend or all three!

Camp Wakonda 

For those of you who may be wondering, Camp Wakonda in Ash Grove has been growing over the past several years, and while this is exciting news for them, unfortunately, it means that our options for rentals there have dwindled. The weeks they have available no longer fit the varied school start and ending dates throughout our diocese. Unfortunately, this unavailability, combined with pandemic concerns, makes it impossible to host Camp WEMO in 2021 as we have in previous years. 

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