Feb 16, 2023You are invited to join the Episcopal presence at KCPRIDE 2023

You are invited to join the Episcopal presence at KCPRIDE 2023

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KCPRIDE 2023 — June 9, 10, 11

Kansas City Pride 2022. June 11, 2022. Supplied image

In the Summer of 2023, the Episcopal Church will once again make herself known as a welcoming and safe place for LGBTQiA folks and those who love them.

Churches from across The Diocese of West Missouri are invited to prayerfully consider why and how they would like to send representatives to help us extend our best invitation into the life of the church and her service during the weekend festival, parade, and other celebrations.

There are at least three ways you and your church can get involved:


Pride Parade. Saturday morning, the weekend of Pride, we will step-off the curb at noon – with twice as many Episcopalians as last year! We’ll march and wave and proclaim the love of God to all. And throw stuff! This year we’ll have matching t-shirts for all marchers. We will hold parade-prep meetings like the one we had last year, where people gather to paint signs and prepare swag. If you would like to be on the planning committee for the Pride Parade, let us know.


Pride Festival. This event runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Pride Weekend. We plan on securing a large multi-booth presence, to recruit and train volunteers, hand out literature, water, swag, and love. Robin Rusconi and the Rev. Jean Long are chairing this team. If you would like join them in planning our booth space, please email them by clicking their names, above.


Pride Mass. We will gather before the parade steps off on Saturday morning to break, bless, and share the story of God’s love for all. Afterwards, those who wish to march in the parade will walk from St. Paul’s to Westport to line-up. Co-Chairing this team are the Rev. Steven King and the Rev. Charles Everson. If you would like to be on the planning team for this liturgy, including the planning of worship leaders, musicians, servers, etc. please let them know.


We believe that all people are worthy of respect and honor because all are created in the image of God, and all can respond to the love of God.

However, we see in our churches and in society, LGBTQiA people are not always counted among those for whom the Church seeks justice, or grants due respect, as loving and beloved members of the household of God. We recognize that fear of, and discrimination against LGBTQiA people is part of an oppressive history within the Church and society, which distorts our relationship with God and with other people and diminishes the humanity of us all.

Therefore, we feel compelled to make explicit our welcome of LGBTQiA people into the ministries and life of the Episcopal church, incarnating the message, “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.” We welcome the ministry and witness of all persons to serve as leaders and participants, fully participating in our life, worship and governance. Adapted from the Oasis Missouri Ministry’s Affirmation of Welcome

Feel Called to Help? Bishop Diane has appointed the Rev. Charles Everson and Ms. Heidi J. A. Carter as chairs of this outreach event.


There is a flyer version of this text available for you to download, print, and share.

Heidi J. A. Carter is the Associate for Ministry at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City.

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