Carta de la Obispa Bruce sobre los Llamamientos de Lambeth

La Conferencia de Lambeth es una reunión de todos los obispos activos de la Comunión Anglicana que se celebra cada 10 años. Quiero compartir con ustedes por qué no estoy en Lambeth, y mis sentimientos sobre lo que está a punto de ocurrir allí.

Letter from Bishop Bruce on the Lambeth Calls

The Lambeth Conference is a gathering of all the active bishops throughout the Anglican Communion which occurs once every 10 years. I want to share with you all why I am not at Lambeth, and my feelings about what is about to take place there.

Declaración del obispo primado Michael Curry sobre los Llamados de Lambeth

Three-minute read.
Si bien esta situación está cambiando rápidamente, quiero asegurarles a todos los episcopales que la Cámara de Obispos se reunirá el miércoles en Cantórbery para discernir el camino a seguir antes de que comience la Conferencia de Lambeth.  – Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Statement from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on Lambeth Calls

Three-minute read.
While this situation is rapidly changing, I want to assure all Episcopalians that the House of Bishops will be meeting Wednesday in Canterbury to discern its way forward before the Lambeth Conference begins.  – Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Sharing God’s love at Kansas City Pride 2022

One-minute read. Several Episcopal churches from West Missouri braved the sunshine and heat to participate in the Kansas City Pride 2022 parade on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

The Episcopal Church at Kansas City Pride 2022 — June 10-12

One-minute read. Will you join us in affirming God’s love to all this June? Three churches of The Diocese of West Missouri have taken the lead on The Episcopal Church’s presence at Kansas City Pride 2022, and are inviting you to join them.

Taking Pride – a personal reflection

Two-minute read. For me, Pride Month is about celebrating the grand diversity that God has created in humanity. Pride is a consciousness of the dignity that each of us possesses as a beloved creation of God. It is this particular sense of the word that is meant when we talk about this month celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

New Google Business Feature

Churches may be interested in taking advantage of a new Google business profile feature called ‘attributes.’ Here’s a very brief introduction to what they are and a reminder of what a Google business profile is.

Loving as Christ Loved the Church: An Apologia for Gay Marriage

Eight-minute read. Fr. David argues that the Good News of Christ Jesus — Good News for all people, gay and straight — makes no distinction between them when it comes to monogamous lifelong committed relationships.

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