The Rev. Brad Karelius Presents: The Desert Mystics

From August 11 – 13, the Rev. Brad Karelius introduced the ‘Desert Mystics’; pioneers who shared their experiences living in the desert and showing us how the desert community can transorm lives.

Small Group Facilitator Training

Small groups make a big difference in people’s lives. Small group facilitators provide guidance and encourage participation.

Education for Ministry (EfM) Virtual Open House

When: Tuesday, July 18, 7 – 8 p.m.
Where: Online.
Who: Anyone.
EfM, Education for Ministry, Don’t let the word ‘Ministry’ dissuade you – it is a reading and discussion group for lay people. Come to a virtual Open House and learn more.

Trinity Sunday

One-Minute read. Three different ways we experience the one God we worship.

The Season of Pentecost

One-Minute read. We are a universal community celebrating the “free gift of God to go and be a new thing in the world – a witness that all of life could be different for everybody …”

A way to pray: Proverbs

Three-Minute read. Few books offer more practical day-to-day guidance on the art of living than the Book of Proverbs.

Righteous Anger

Three-Minute read. Love is something we do. We educate ourselves. We refuse to demonize those who disagree with us. We try our best to make our words and actions a witness to the world.

Spirituality and the “Household Yogi”

Four-minute read. Are you a ‘household yogi?’ Religion and spirituality are not necessarily the same thing, although they may certainly travel the same path.

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